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RemedyBG is a 64-bit Windows debugger written from scratch with the goal of replacing the behemoth Visual Studio debugger and realizing that debuggers have largely been stagnant in their progress over the last couple of decades. All the code for the  RemedyBG debugger engine is written from scratch (including PDB symbol file support).

Note that this project is in development and should be considered in "early access". This is why the version number is current less than 1.0.  Just to be clear, there are certainly bugs as well as features that haven't been implemented yet. For example, the text window does not currently have any sort of syntax highlighting (though this  will be added in a future version).

Speaking of which, note that the software license is a perpetual license. There will be no need to repurchase as new versions are released.

Note that the source code is not provided as part of the distribution.

Note that if you create a project in Visual Studio, one of the default options is /debug:fastlink. This options scatters bits of debug information throughout the OBJ and LIB files rather than putting this information into the PDB file. RemedyBG does not support this flag and will fail to find any symbol information if this option is used.

Please use the message boards at https://remedybg.handmade.network/ or contact me via email (see README) for any comments, requests, and so forth.

RemedyBG  is used on live streams of Casey Muratori's Handmade Hero which you can check out at https://handmadehero.org/.

New Features in

MD5: 74b003e6143a7e8d5db726534371fce7
SHA1: 83cd0e0a90d47eeb36b9f713710dab115f417667

 * Adds column major option to watch windows (context menu toggle)
 * Adds an "Add Watch" context menu item for text windows
 * Allow writing member access operator as '.' instead of '->' even for pointer types.
 * Adds optional Comment column in watch window to allow entering arbitrary text (single line at the

 * We now save hexadecimal setting for watch windows to settings file
 * Allow repeatedly using Run to Cursor on the same line
 * UI tweaks: reduced size of arrow column in tables, removed unnecessary window padding around
 tables, removes rounding from selection rect in text window
 * Adds numpad keys to list of keys that initiate watch editing
 * Better formatting of array elements (removes redundant expression, align index)
 * We now do automatic type conversion when modifying values in watch.

See the included README.txt for the full list of bug fixes and improvements in this latest release.

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