A downloadable debugger for Windows

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RemedyBG is a 64-bit Windows debugger which ships as a portable 5 MB executable requiring no installation. 

Most of the code for the RemedyBG debugger engine is written from scratch save for the UI bits (Dear ImGui) and x64 instruction decoding (Intel's XED).

This project is in development and should be considered in "early access". There are certainly bugs as well as features on the roadmap.

Speaking of future versions, note that the software license is a perpetual license. There will be no need to repurchase as new versions are released.

Note that the source code is not provided as part of the distribution.

Note that debugging 32-bit applications is not supported.

Note that debugging C# applications is not supported.

Note that if you create a project in Visual Studio, one of the default options is /debug:fastlink. This option scatters bits of debug information throughout the OBJ and LIB files rather than putting this information into the PDB file. RemedyBG does not support this flag and will fail to find any symbol information if this option is used.

Please use the message boards at https://remedybg.handmade.network/ or contact me via email (remedybg@protonmail.com) for any comments, questions, requests, and so forth. SHA256: 63bfffd24a798877583b2df24894a287ad2cda1254a6a89f008839dcbd60556e

See the included README.txt for the full list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes in the latest release along with SHA256 values for previous releases.

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Buy Now$29.95 USD or more

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remedybg_0_3_6_4.zip 1.2 MB
remedybg_0_3_7_1.zip 1.2 MB
remedybg_0_3_8_8.zip 1.3 MB
remedybg_0_3_9_9.zip 1.3 MB
remedybg_0_4_0_0.zip 1.3 MB
remedybg_0_4_0_1.zip 1.3 MB
remedybg_0_4_0_2.zip 1.3 MB
remedybg_0_4_0_3.zip 1.3 MB
remedybg_0_4_0_4.zip 1.3 MB